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Alternate Format Textbooks and Media

A management system for tracking requests for alternate format textbooks and media through to completion. This module also includes a built-in inventory of electronic files that are procured or created as a result of student needs. An items starts out as a “request” for the student. The request may be immediately completed if the required document has already been acquired and exists in the inventory. A request may be changed into a “job”, which is an on-going process with the goal of acquiring the alternate format. The system tracks the progress for each job, and includes the ability to maintain records on publishers and vendors that may be involved in the process. Once a job has been completed it is removed from the queue and the acquired files become part of the inventory.

Electronic files in the inventory can be marked as only for use for a single student, in cases where the publisher must be contacted for each student that requires the same textbook. The system also stores electronic scans of receipts for textbook purchases from the student. A CD can be burned containing the files for student pickup.

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