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FAQ and Integration

We strive for transparency and honesty in all of our customer relationships, and we seek to provide that through our FAQ section. We know how often questions can come up in this industry, and we’re ready to answer all of them. If there’s something we missed, please reach out and one of our team members will be happy to help. 

Getting Ready 

If you are ready to move forward, please make sure all of the following items are considered. These items can be discussed with your IT. 

  • Data migration to Cloud - Minimal initial IT support will be needed for the migration of data as we require access to your on-premise servers (Existing ClockWork Clients) and for new clients access to data in formats such as excel, csv or even documents  in order to move your data to the Cloud. We can migrate data such as:  

    • Accommodation data 

    • Disability Data 

    • Student List  

    • Case Notes 

    • Appointments 

    • Documents 

  • Data sync – We support all data sync methods but your IT may want to consider how they prefer to deliver the data sync data now that it will be going off-campus. They may want to keep the existing process or change it depending on their preference. The recommended methods are web services or flat-file uploads. We can assist with this process if a change is desired. Available Data Syncs options: 

    • Student Demographic Information 

    • Student Course Enrollments 

    • Picture Data Sync 

    • Book Store Sync for Alternate Media 


Our Commitment 

Clockworks is currently the only application provider that is providing either an on-premises or hosted solution to Student Service departments. We are committed to supporting both systems for the long-term because we believe that even though Hosted solutions are becoming the new standard, it is important to provide a choice and the flexibility to move between them. For clients who are considering a move from an on-premises to a hosted solution, we are committed to providing a smooth transition. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

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