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Counselling Services

Student Data Management

Data Sync

ClockWork can sync with your school registrar on a continuous basis. This means you can import courses, demographic and academic information automatically.


Dynamic Forms

ClockWork’s built-in form editor allows you to create unlimited forms by dragging and dropping controls like checkboxes and text boxes directly into the form. Then output these fields to reports and documents.



Add your own custom accommodations into ClockWork along with custom accommodation letter templates to personalize letters that go out. ClockWork automatically saves documents to students' profiles. Use web access points to allow students to request letters on their own.

ClockWork Scheduler

Manage all student information in one software. Easily create custom forms that will store Disabilities, Accommodations, Education Plans and more. Effortlessly generate Accommodation letters and other documents using mail merge codes.

Appointment Types

ClockWork schedules appointments using an appointment type, or title. Appointment types are color-coded to provide “at-a-glance” quick reference. Appointment types are also used for reporting purposes.

My Students

This feature lets the counselor see the list of students that they had appointments. Eg: name, number of appointments. The “My Students” feature includes quick information lookup and email capabilities.


The instant messaging system can be used by the staff to send secure instant messages to each other. The system also provides a “Send a message to the entire staff” option, which can be used as a quick notification system if the need arises.

ClockWork Reports

ClockWork can be used to track day to day activities, information is made available through the set of built-in reports. Reports can be customized and created using the provided tools. Data can be exported to several formats such as Excel / Access / .csv / .xml / etc. You also have the ability to customize built-in reports and to build your own reports.

Cross Reference

Use the cross-reference tool to build your own custom reports with an easy to use interface. With a few clicks, add student disabilities, accommodations, and other fields from student forms as new columns in your existing reports.

Batch Email

Easily send a mass email to all or specific students from a report. Use mail merge codes to make emails more dynamic while saving valuable time.

Daily Exports

Set up automatic report exports that get saved as CSVs to local or network drives.

ClockWork Admin

ClockWork Admin features hundreds of settings to tweak access and functionality. No need to ask IT for help to change passwords, create accounts, run updates, and much more.

User Permissions

Separate users into groups to easily assign settings and permissions. Settings can be applied to specific users, groups, or in broad strokes.

Mail Merge Templates

Build your own dynamic templates in word using ClockWork’s mail merge codes to automatically populate student information.

Form Editor

Create your own custom forms using easy drag and drop controls. Each control created is assigned a mail merge which can be used to populate document templates like LOAs.

Online Appointment Booking

Students can book an appointment with a counsellor online.  Counsellors control their own availability schedule through ClockWork, which outlines times and days where the online system is allowed to book them with students.

The online system will not double book a counsellor with an existing appointment. Several rules can be configured, outlining how many appointments a student can book online at any given time, rules for temporarily banning the student if a no-show pattern emerges, whether or not new students can schedule their first appointment online, are the students allowed to cancel appointments online, and if so what is the cutoff, etc.  Students receive confirmation emails when booking, and will receive a reminder email as part of the regular reminder email system.

Online Intake

The online intake form is designed to make easy the registration process of new students. The students are provided with a web access point, where they can login with their school login credentials and fill out an online intake form in order to register with the department. The form is easily customizable and can be built using the form editor tool available in ClockWork admin.


  • The online intake form can be customized in the form editor using different controls. The fields in the form can be determined based
    on the information that is required by the department for registration.

  • Display text such as information, instructions for registration and confirmation messages can be edited easily through ClockWork
    Admin access.

  • The Online intake module also provides with the ability to send confirmation email to students informing them that they have
    registered successfully online with the department. This email can be edited easily using the Web configuration settings available
    on ClockWork Admin.

  • Returning students who register using the online intake form can be reactivated in ClockWork database on submission of the intake form.

Online Forms

Departments can now turn any paper form into a web form and have students submit them remotely online.

Create Forms on the fly using the Clockwork form editor and track trends.

Student Files

Returning students can now upload supporting documents(medical or general) and download documentation made available to them by the department.

Staff can maintain a status queue to keep track of documentation received or pending.

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