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Student Data Management

Manage all student information in one software. Easily create custom forms that will store Disabilities, Accommodations, Education Plans, and more. Effortlessly generate Accommodation letters and other documents using mail merge codes.


Data Sync

ClockWork can sync with your school registrar on a continuous basis. This means you can import courses, demographic and academic information automatically.


Dynamic Forms

ClockWork’s built-in form editor allows you to create unlimited forms by dragging and dropping controls like checkboxes and text boxes directly into the form. Then output these fields to reports and documents.



Add your own custom accommodations into ClockWork along with custom accommodation letter templates to personalize letters that go out. ClockWork automatically saves documents to students' profiles. Use web access points to allow students to request letters on their own.

ClockWork Scheduler

Manage all student information in one software. Easily create custom forms that will store Disabilities, Accommodations, Education Plans and more. Effortlessly generate Accommodation letters and other documents using mail merge codes.

Appointment Types

ClockWork schedules appointments using an appointment type, or title. Appointment types are color-coded to provide “at-a-glance” quick reference. Appointment types are also used for reporting purposes.

My Students

This feature lets the counselor see the list of students that they had appointments. Eg: name, number of appointments. The “My Students” feature includes quick information lookup and email capabilities.


The instant messaging system can be used by the staff to send secure instant messages to each other. The system also provides a “Send a message to the entire staff” option, which can be used as a quick notification system if the need arises.

ClockWork Reports

ClockWork can be used to track day to day activities, information is made available through the set of built-in reports. Reports can be customized and created using the provided tools. Data can be exported to several formats such as Excel / Access / .csv / .xml / etc. You also have the ability to customize built-in reports and to build your own reports.

Cross Reference

Use the cross-reference tool to build your own custom reports with an easy to use interface. With a few clicks, add student disabilities, accommodations, and other fields from student forms as new columns in your existing reports.

Batch Email

Easily send a mass email to all or specific students from a report. Use mail merge codes to make emails more dynamic while saving valuable time.

Daily Exports

Set up automatic report exports that get saved as CSVs to local or network drives.

ClockWork Admin

ClockWork Admin features hundreds of settings to tweak access and functionality. No need to ask IT for help to change passwords, create accounts, run updates, and much more.

User Permissions

Separate users into groups to easily assign settings and permissions. Settings can be applied to specific users, groups, or in broad strokes.

Mail Merge Templates

Build your own dynamic templates in word using ClockWork’s mail merge codes to automatically populate student information.

Form Editor

Create your own custom forms using easy drag and drop controls. Each control created is assigned a mail merge which can be used to populate document templates like LOAs.

Online Accommodation Letters for Students

The online student accommodation letter is accessible by students through the online access point available to them. Students can log in to the online module with their school login credentials and will be able to view the accommodation letter issued to them for each course and the letter sent to the instructor. The accommodation letter can be viewed and printed in PDF format.

Online Accommodation Letters for Instructors

The online instructor letter module allows instructors to view their student accommodation letters online at any time in PDF format (PDF can be printed or saved).

The instructors are notified via email when a new letter is issued, with a hyperlink to that letter. The instructor can log in to the online module with their school login credentials and view the accommodation letters generated for their students for each course. Instructors can review the letters and acknowledge the receipt of the letter for each student with a click of a button. The department is notified via email when an instructor acknowledges the receipt of the letter.

Accommodation Letters

For departments that issue accommodation letters, the Accommodation letter interface in ClockWork provides a very simple and quick method of generating
letters. Staff can easily edit accommodation letter templates using the built-in template system. These templates are easily customizable and can include special codes that can generate data automatically for the approved accommodation types, email signatures of advisors, contact information, and other student information.


  • The accommodation letter can be issued confidentially to students and instructors either electronically or can be printed out and issued at the department

  • Letters can be sent via email in the form of an URL or as an attachment.

  • ClockWork also gives you the ability to generate a single accommodation letter for all courses or a letter for every course that has been added in ClockWork. Letters can be generated in both Word or PDF format.

  • The accommodation expiry date control can be used to set up an expiry date for accommodations that can be printed on the accommodation letter.

Test and Exam Booking

The Test and Exam administrative module is a full management interface for staff that allows scheduling of new exams, scheduling of proctors, room re-assignments, grouping, exporting and generating documents, and emailing functionality. ClockWork gives you full control over the test booking process but also provides assistance by automating common functionality and providing easy access to data.


  • Allows your team to view test information from a variety of angles quickly and easily. The “group by” feature allows tests to be organized into groupings such as course or instructor.

  • Gain visibility through automated notification rules. Notifications include items such as student dropped their course, student’s accommodations were modified after the test was booked, test copy from instructor has not been received, and many others.

  • Tests can be scheduled in real-time including room and resource scheduling based on student’s approved accommodations.

  • Facilitates tracking of student no-shows and actual test start and end times.

  • Manage exam booking status using color code

Online Test Booking for Students

The student module provides an online booking system for students. Students are able to schedule their tests and exams in real-time. ClockWork automatically accesses student’s course registration and timetable using the ClockWork Data-Sync functionality. ClockWork is able to automatically apply special accommodations rules, such as extra time, and match up a student with a room that supports their accommodations.


  • Automate key test management processes

  • 24/7 online student access point

  • Schedule tests and exams online

  • Submit information online securely

  • Flexible and customizable rules and procedures

  • Centralized monitoring

  • Automatically apply special accommodations rules

  • Automated notification rules

Online Test Booking for Instructors

The instructor module allows an instructor to provide test and exam information to the staff in a secure way.  Instructors login to the system using their school login credentials, and are able to confirm dates and times, access the list of students writing their test, provide answers to questions on a customizable form, and submit an electronic copy of the test securely.

Online Appointment Booking

Students can book an appointment with a counsellor online.  Counsellors control their own availability schedule through ClockWork, which outlines times and days where the online system is allowed to book them with students.

The online system will not double book a counsellor with an existing appointment. Several rules can be configured, outlining how many appointments a student can book online at any given time, rules for temporarily banning the student if a no-show pattern emerges, whether or not new students can schedule their first appointment online, are the students allowed to cancel appointments online, and if so what is the cutoff, etc.  Students receive confirmation emails when booking, and will receive a reminder email as part of the regular reminder email system.

Inventory System and Equipment Loans

The inventory system allows the creation of any number of “Catalogs”, which are groups of inventory items. A catalog can contain folders and subfolders, and individual items and grouped items. For example, a catalog can be created to track accessible lab equipment and another for equipment that can be loaned out to students. Data can be tracked on inventory items, such as pictures, manuals, purchase information, status, current location, etc. ClockWork dynamic forms can be optionally created and used to extend data tracking on inventory items. The inventory system is compatible with barcode scanners and can read existing product barcodes or generate it’s own for printing to labels. The inventory system includes a reservation and loan system that can be used to loan equipment out to students. Full tracking on loans is provided similar to a library system, and students will receive reminder emails for overdue items.

Alternate Format Textbooks and Media

A management system for tracking requests for alternate format textbooks and media through to completion. This module also includes a built-in inventory of electronic files that are procured or created as a result of student needs. An items starts out as a “request” for the student. The request may be immediately completed if the required document has already been acquired and exists in the inventory. A request may be changed into a “job”, which is an on-going process with the goal of acquiring the alternate format. The system tracks the progress for each job, and includes the ability to maintain records on publishers and vendors that may be involved in the process. Once a job has been completed it is removed from the queue and the acquired files become part of the inventory.

Electronic files in the inventory can be marked as only for use for a single student, in cases where the publisher must be contacted for each student that requires the same textbook. The system also stores electronic scans of receipts for textbook purchases from the student. A CD can be burned containing the files for student pickup.

Service Providers

ClockWork’s Service Providers system is a powerful tool that comprises of administrative interface for staff and web access points to students and notetakers. The unique administrative interface provides tools for managing and matching different service requests.


  • The service provider manager assists with adding, editing and deleting a service request made by the student for a specific course.

  • Service requests can include a request for notetaker, interpreter, coach, peertutor, specialized tutor, etc

  • The system can automatically generate different types of lists, including pending requests, and request matched with the service providers and many others. Export and print these lists to many different file formats.

  • It also provides the mechanism to keep track of the availability status of requests through the ‘check availability feature’.

  • The notetaker coordinator could use the management service provider screen to
    assign a notetaker to student.

  • The coordinator can also add specific notes to a  service request using the mange notes feature

Online Notetaking

The Online Notetaking module is designed to simplify the process of notetaking services. The web access point provided to students gives access to the online note-taking module. The student must be approved by the advisor for a notetaker accommodation before they can use the notetaking system.  The students can login using their school login credentials to access the web service.

The school has an option to let the student pick the notetaker from a list based on the notetakers for that course. Notetakers can upload sample notes that would allow the student to make an informed decision. The name of the notetaker is not displayed online. Once they are picked as a notetaker for a course, they could upload notes for every lecture date and the students could get at the notes when they login online.


  • The student has the ability to pick a notetaker after viewing the sample notes. They can access the sample notes as soon as they request a notetaker online.

  • Potential notetakers can use the online application to sign up as a note-taker. The sign-up form can be easily customized.

  • The online interface allows the notetaker to upload lecture notes in different formats such as PDF, Word, Access, etc. The students can download these notes online as soon as they have a notetaker available.

  • Notetakers are notified through automatic emails once they are chosen as a notetaker. Emails can also be set up to register and remind notetakers to upload lecture notes. All emails can be edited and customized easily.

  • Students can choose their own notetaker

  • Access the online notetaking system 24 / 7

  • Check notetaker availability online

  • Notetakers can self register online

  • Download, save and print  lecture notes

  • Maintains confidentiality of notetakee information

Online Intake

The online intake form is designed to make easy the registration process of new students. The students are provided with a web access point, where they can login with their school login credentials and fill out an online intake form in order to register with the department. The form is easily customizable and can be built using the form editor tool available in ClockWork admin.


  • The online intake form can be customized in the form editor using different controls. The fields in the form can be determined based.
    on the information that is required by the department for registration.

  • Display text such as information, instructions for registration and confirmation messages can be edited easily through ClockWork Admin access.

  • The Online intake module also provides with the ability to send confirmation email to students informing them that they have
    registered successfully online with the department. This email can be edited easily using the Web configuration settings available on ClockWork Admin.

  • Returning students who register using the online intake form can be reactivated in ClockWork database on submission of the intake form.

Online Survey

The Online Survey module can be used by departments to conduct surveys on the services rendered to students by the disability department. The survey form can include questions relating to services, student appointments, counselors, response time etc. This form can be customized easily through the form editor tool provided in ClockWork Admin.


  • Customize the survey form to your requirement.

  • Send emails to students  with the direct link to the survey form.

  • Generate report statistics to analyze survey responses.

  • Surveys can be made anonymous and can be released to specific client (student) groups.

Self Registration / Accommodation Requests

This module allows returning students to renew their accommodations each term or academic year. The student will be presented with a list of their approved accommodations from the previous year, along with a list of their current course registrations. They will be able to indicate whether any changes are required for their approved accommodations for the current school year. If changes are not required, the student will be automatically self-registered and each instructor will be automatically sent notification and access to the students new accommodation letter. If the student does require changes, a notification will be sent to their assigned advisor. The student is able to provide a note to their advisor explaining what changes they need. The advisor may choose to approve the requested changes, or to schedule an appointment with the student to go over the changes.


  • Automatically generate accommodation letters for upcoming sessions.

  • Automatic email notification sent to instructor with the web link to the letter.

  • Request for change or addition of accommodations can be made online.

  • Special Accommodation request alert  can be set to the Counsellor/Advisor to make alternate arrangements.

Online Tutoring

Users can register as tutors online, enter their availability and select what they are able to tutor. Students can review tutor profiles online to choose the best match.


  • Students can access 24/7

  • Tutors can set their own availability

  • Built in reports

Online Workshop Booking

The Workshop Screen provides the means to create and manage workshops that are being run by a department.  Workshops can be grouped in different categories such as Learning Skills, Leadership, etc.  Workshops can be scheduled and students can be registered in the workshops over a period of time.  Maximum attendee counts and fees can both be optionally tracked.


Online workshop booking – Students can sign up for a workshop online by logging in.  Attendance can be capped for individual workshops (based on room restrictions or facilities), and an optional waiting-list feature is included.

Online Forms

Departments can now turn any paper form into a web form and have students submit them remotely online.

Create Forms on the fly using the Clockwork form editor and track trends.

Student Files 

Returning students can now upload supporting documents(medical or general) and download documentation made available to them by the department.

Staff can maintain a status queue to keep track of documentation received or pending.

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