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Online Intake

The online intake form is designed to make easy the registration process of new students. The students are provided with a web access point, where they can login with their school login credentials and fill out an online intake form in order to register with the department. The form is easily customizable and can be built using the form editor tool available in ClockWork admin.


  • The online intake form can be customized in the form editor using different controls. The fields in the form can be determined based on the information that is required by the department for registration.

  • Display text such as information, instructions for registration and confirmation messages can be edited easily through ClockWork Admin access.

  • The Online intake module also provides with the ability to send confirmation email to students informing them that they have registered successfully online with the department. This email can be edited easily using the Web configuration settings available on ClockWork Admin.

  • Returning students who register using the online intake form can be reactivated in ClockWork database on submission of the intake form.

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