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ClockWork Hosted Release Notes


ClockWork Release Notes

Bug Fixes

       Online Appointment Booking

  • CKI-1447 Student is able to see appointment block that is not available due to the booking cut-off rule

  • CKI-1426 'Type' and 'With whom' data is mismatched in the Appointment details screen

  • CKI-1425 Appointment Channels are not appearing after they have been created in ClockWork Admin

  • CKI-1373 Unable to access file uploaded by a student in pre-book form

  • CKI-1446 Device Registration does not work from ClockWork Admin or Report applications.

  • CKI-1442 Unable to save password policy in CW6
    Alternate Format

  • CKI-1431 CW6 - Specified Course is cleared from Media Library item on second save

  • CKI-1390 Some files do not upload in the media library when attempting to upload multiple files

  • CKI-1313 Unable to confirm and validate the proof of purchase
    Online Surveys

  • CKI-1430 Built-in Online Survey reports are failing to compile

  • CKI-1422 Password reset prompt does not appear successful when changing the password during the device registration process

  • CKI-1332 Signature mail merge codes do not display the saved image in generated documents/emails
    Online Instructor

  • CKI-1418 Warning Message displayed when an instructor attempts to Confirm/Edit a class test after going through the wizard once

  • CKI-1345 Error message displayed when instructor attempt to create a new class test with a test file submitted

  • CKI-1344 Instructor created class tests are created with an incorrect end time

  • CKI-1177 Accommodation mail merge codes populate a list of accommodations on the same line in an HTML template
    Test Booking

  • CKI-1417 Error displayed when opening 'Instructor info' tab of test booking appointment

  • CKI-1415 Error displayed when opening 'Student info' tab of test booking appointment
    Online Test Booking

  • CKI-1412 Unable to complete the wizard if a form has a textbox and the textbox is left empty

  • CKI-1399 Error displayed on the webpage when booking a Final Exam if no instructor is present on the course
    Online Required Form

  • CKI-1407 Server Error can be displayed when attempting to submit a required form

  • CKI-1375 Unable to access file uploaded by a student in a 'Required Form'
    Student Data

  • CKI-1406 Error message popping up when clicking through PerDate entries

  • CKI-1403 Test booking appointment is missing the course information in the session notes area

  • CKI-1392 Generate Document button (label control) is saving the document into the database in the 'Files' table, instead of the correct hosted location

  • CKI-1386 POC "Show time as" is not showing up under the "show time as " column

  • CKI-1370 Generate Accommodation Letter with "Email as attachment" option, converts pdf file as zip folder and cannot open

  • CKI-1335 Student signature is not populated in the generated accommodation letter

  • CKI-1277 Student Alert box (Trigger rule) displays a previously selected student instead of the current student in the context

  • CKI-1232 Unselected checkboxes using mail merge codes are missing on the letter when the mail merge code is configured with ‘checkbox=1’

  • CKI-1206 Unable to clear 'Acknowledgement from prof' or 'Prof last viewed' dates from the accommodation screen

  • CKI-1181 Email template attachments embedded into mail merge email templates are not included in the sent email

  • CKI-1166 Student Alert box (Trigger rule) displays a hard-coded student name and number

  • CKI-1090 The built-in #<preferredname># mail merge code is not returning the student’s preferred name as expected

  • CKI-1400 'Data Sync - students data synced with no incoming courses' report is not returning any results

  • CKI-1384 Error displayed when attempting to open a product

  • CKI-1302 Creating a new reservation throws an error each time
    Service Providers

  • CKI-1382 An error is displayed when clicking on current assignments tab under the service provider profile

  • CKI-1379 Unable to upload notes to CW or web when the file size is above 21MB

  • CKI-1378 Service Unavailable Error when double-clicking on the Workshops calendar

  • CKI-1380 Unable to view notes captured by a student in the workshop pre-book form
    Online Self Registration

  • CKI-1304 Students are able to request accommodations even if the course start date is after their accommodation expiry date


  • CKI-1420 'Date letter issued' column added to instructor portal that can be visible when the Self-Registration module is not in use

  • CKI-1242 Change Device Registration Wording: Please enter the postfix for the school email address

  • CKI-1355 Create a new setting to disable button for notetaker to add new potential courses

  • CKI-1354 Add a new setting to disable the notetaker signup page

  • CKI-1433 Mark form fields as "Sensitive" so they cannot be shown on email templates

New Features

  • CKI-1450 Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for the staff client application: 
    Free for all ClockWork subscriptions

    • When this feature is turned on: After successfully entering their username and password, ClockWork will email a confirmation number to the staff, which they will need to enter before they can access ClockWork.

    • The staff can optionally temporarily disable the MFA for 14 days, after a successful login.

  • CKI-1258 Online Intake Queue 

    • Free for all ClockWork subscriptions that have Online Intake

    • An easier and more streamlined way to bring new students into your ClockWork

  • CKI-1260 Online Student Files

    • Available for purchase if it is not already part of your subscription

    • Quickly and easily share documents with your students. Not only can the students upload documentation, but the staff can also provide documents to students… all online.

  • CKI-1259 Online Forms Module

    • Available for purchase if it is not already part of your subscription

    • Allow students to fill in forms, once or multiple times depending on your requirements.

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