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ClockWork [Released: November 2023]

Bug Fixes


  • CKI-1654 Error received after client logged in for an extended period if MFA is enabled and user logged in with "Skip MFA for 14 days" un-checked

  • CKI-1655 Client Error Pop-Up - Incorrect error message displayed

    Online Appointment Booking

  • CKI-1656 List View is not available for online app booking

  • CKI-1657 Unable to see available booking slots in graphical view if the browser time zone is ahead of the server time zone


       Online Notetaking

  • CKI-1658 A display issue can be triggered by toggling between sessions while the courses table is being processed. The page will now display that it is processing and prevent any additional inputs during the processing time

ClockWork [Released: September 2023]

Bug Fixes


  • CKI-1644 User is not directed to Portal Guard SSO authentication page

  • CKI-1651 Session Notes - Met with column loading issue for students with a large number of appointments



  • CKI-1647 Client update process improvements

  • CKI-1648 Caching efficiency improvements & performance increase in popup for create-new-test

ClockWork [Released: August,25, 2023]

Bug Fixes


  • CKI-1543 URLs sent manually from Email Mail Merge are sent with incorrect/invalid URL

  • CKI-1504 Azure AD authentication redirecting staff/students to the home.aspx page regardless of where they were initially logging in from

  • CKI-1466 Password Policy setting resets back to default value after a few hours

  • CKI-1455 Server Job "Start time" is displayed as the "End time" value

  • CKI-1437 Unable to create a new session/term via the Admin interface

  • CKI-1563 Canceling an appointment using right-click or the ribbon is not captured in the modification history table

  • CKI-1529 The appointment "Room" field is not saved when working with the Text calendar

  • CKI-1481 A deleted appointment memo can still be viewed if the memo was displayed on the appointment from the staff calendar view

  • CKI-1480 A removed icon from an appointment is still visible from the staff calendar view

  • CKI-1484 Instructor mail merge codes are not loading information in batch email reports
    Online Test Booking

  • CKI-1539 Setting: "Show the class date-time only in the "My upcoming appointments list" for test and exams" - The upcoming events still shows the scheduled time regardless of the cutoff value specified

  • CKI-1454 Students can schedule a test after the Final Exam period start date up until the Final Exam period end date. Only Final Exams should be scheduled during the Final Exam period

  • CKI-1595 Course list time of day filter does not filter out courses based on [TimeofDay] value

  • CKI-1534 Appointments modified in the "Calendar" for newly created workshop "Events" deletes the appointment from Workshops
    Online Alternate Format

  • CKI-1471 Unable to request alt media or download available files if Azure AD is used for authentication
    Online Appointment Booking

  • CKI-1525 All Day appointments booked in Outlook are synced to ClockWork with an incorrect end date
    Online Forms

  • CKI-1573 Duplicate entries will appear if the submit button is clicked multiple times
    Online Intake

  • CKI-1568 A selected file is cleared from a single file upload control on the intake form when attempting to submit an online intake and a required field is empty

  • CKI-1485 An incorrect document file can be displayed for staff when viewing a student-uploaded file from the intake queue. The correct file would still appear once the student had been "Intaked"

  • CKI-1465 Unable to intake students from the intake queue if the student number is provided to ClockWork with lowercase characters

  • CKI-1457 New students getting 'you have already completed intake' message when the allow existing students to complete intake setting is set to false

  • CKI-1427 Auto-intake-data-sync cannot be disabled, existing students are automatically removed from the intake queue with a manual/overnight sync
    Online Note Taking

  • CKI-1553 The 'Submit' button can duplicate uploaded files if clicked multiple times during the submission process
    Online Student Files

  • CKI-1408 The 'Submit' button may be accidentally clicked multiple times, causing duplicate uploads
    Online Surveys

  • CKI-1436 Built-in Online Survey reports are not returning data captured on the form

  • CKI-1630 Anonymous survey redirects students to a 404 error page once the form complete
    Alternate Format

  • CKI-1623 Cannot save an alt format request if it has a Proof of Purchase "note" or image unless you confirm the proof of purchase


  • CKI-1576 Rich text notes added when the computer is in high contrast mode will appear as faint white text to non-high contrast users



  • CKI-1569 A new attribute to ignore long descriptions on all of the accommodation mail merge codes. For example #<accommodationsprof`ignorelongdescriptions=1>#

  • CKI-1565 Updated accommodation bulleted lists so that it uses Microsoft Word built-in bulleted lists. This can be reverted back to the legacy method by adding the attribute 'uselegacy' to force that 
    (eg #<accommodations`uselegacy=1>#)

  • CKI-1355 Create a new setting to disable button for notetaker to add new potential courses

  • CKI-1354 Add a new setting to disable the notetaker signup page

  • CKI-1433 Mark form fields as "Sensitive" so they cannot be shown on email templates

Student Data

Virtual Meetings

  • CKI-1601 Memo field wording for End of Virtual Meeting info - Should be: Do not edit "above" this line

  • CKI-1541 Support added for OAuth App type in Zoom integration

Online Forms

  • CKI-1545 Online Forms Queue performance update

Online Student Files

  • CKI-1546 Student Files Queue performance update


  • CKI-1564 Asynchronous Emails - If an email fails to send due to an SMTP outage, the error will not be displayed to the student. An error will be logged on the back end

New Features

  • CKI-1572 New Setting: Special accommodation INSTRUCTOR notification email - This setting can be used to automatically email the course instructor(s) with a customizable email template if a student has "Special Accommodations" configured via Self Registration

Online Self-Registration

ClockWork Release Notes

Bug Fixes

       Online Appointment Booking

  • CKI-1447 Student is able to see appointment block that is not available due to the booking cut-off rule

  • CKI-1426 'Type' and 'With whom' data is mismatched in the Appointment details screen

  • CKI-1425 Appointment Channels are not appearing after they have been created in ClockWork Admin

  • CKI-1373 Unable to access file uploaded by a student in pre-book form

  • CKI-1446 Device Registration does not work from ClockWork Admin or Report applications.

  • CKI-1442 Unable to save password policy in CW6
    Alternate Format

  • CKI-1431 CW6 - Specified Course is cleared from Media Library item on second save

  • CKI-1390 Some files do not upload in the media library when attempting to upload multiple files

  • CKI-1313 Unable to confirm and validate the proof of purchase
    Online Surveys

  • CKI-1430 Built-in Online Survey reports are failing to compile

  • CKI-1422 Password reset prompt does not appear successful when changing the password during the device registration process

  • CKI-1332 Signature mail merge codes do not display the saved image in generated documents/emails
    Online Instructor

  • CKI-1418 Warning Message displayed when an instructor attempts to Confirm/Edit a class test after going through the wizard once

  • CKI-1345 Error message displayed when instructor attempt to create a new class test with a test file submitted

  • CKI-1344 Instructor created class tests are created with an incorrect end time

  • CKI-1177 Accommodation mail merge codes populate a list of accommodations on the same line in an HTML template
    Test Booking

  • CKI-1417 Error displayed when opening 'Instructor info' tab of test booking appointment

  • CKI-1415 Error displayed when opening 'Student info' tab of test booking appointment
    Online Test Booking

  • CKI-1412 Unable to complete the wizard if a form has a textbox and the textbox is left empty

  • CKI-1399 Error displayed on the webpage when booking a Final Exam if no instructor is present on the course
    Online Required Form

  • CKI-1407 Server Error can be displayed when attempting to submit a required form

  • CKI-1375 Unable to access file uploaded by a student in a 'Required Form'
    Student Data

  • CKI-1406 Error message popping up when clicking through PerDate entries

  • CKI-1403 Test booking appointment is missing the course information in the session notes area

  • CKI-1392 Generate Document button (label control) is saving the document into the database in the 'Files' table, instead of the correct hosted location

  • CKI-1386 POC "Show time as" is not showing up under the "show time as " column

  • CKI-1370 Generate Accommodation Letter with "Email as attachment" option, converts pdf file as zip folder and cannot open

  • CKI-1335 Student signature is not populated in the generated accommodation letter

  • CKI-1277 Student Alert box (Trigger rule) displays a previously selected student instead of the current student in the context

  • CKI-1232 Unselected checkboxes using mail merge codes are missing on the letter when the mail merge code is configured with ‘checkbox=1’

  • CKI-1206 Unable to clear 'Acknowledgement from prof' or 'Prof last viewed' dates from the accommodation screen

  • CKI-1181 Email template attachments embedded into mail merge email templates are not included in the sent email

  • CKI-1166 Student Alert box (Trigger rule) displays a hard-coded student name and number

  • CKI-1090 The built-in #<preferredname># mail merge code is not returning the student’s preferred name as expected

  • CKI-1400 'Data Sync - students data synced with no incoming courses' report is not returning any results

  • CKI-1384 Error displayed when attempting to open a product

  • CKI-1302 Creating a new reservation throws an error each time
    Service Providers

  • CKI-1382 An error is displayed when clicking on current assignments tab under the service provider profile

  • CKI-1379 Unable to upload notes to CW or web when the file size is above 21MB

  • CKI-1378 Service Unavailable Error when double-clicking on the Workshops calendar

  • CKI-1380 Unable to view notes captured by a student in the workshop pre-book form
    Online Self Registration

  • CKI-1304 Students are able to request accommodations even if the course start date is after their accommodation expiry date


  • CKI-1420 'Date letter issued' column added to instructor portal that can be visible when the Self-Registration module is not in use

  • CKI-1242 Change Device Registration Wording: Please enter the postfix for the school email address

  • CKI-1355 Create a new setting to disable button for notetaker to add new potential courses

  • CKI-1354 Add a new setting to disable the notetaker signup page

  • CKI-1433 Mark form fields as "Sensitive" so they cannot be shown on email templates

New Features

  • CKI-1450 Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for the staff client application: 
    Free for all ClockWork subscriptions

    • When this feature is turned on: After successfully entering their username and password, ClockWork will email a confirmation number to the staff, which they will need to enter before they can access ClockWork.

    • The staff can optionally temporarily disable the MFA for 14 days, after a successful login.

  • CKI-1258 Online Intake Queue 

    • Free for all ClockWork subscriptions that have Online Intake

    • An easier and more streamlined way to bring new students into your ClockWork

  • CKI-1260 Online Student Files

    • Available for purchase if it is not already part of your subscription

    • Quickly and easily share documents with your students. Not only can the students upload documentation, but the staff can also provide documents to students… all online.

  • CKI-1259 Online Forms Module

    • Available for purchase if it is not already part of your subscription

    • Allow students to fill in forms, once or multiple times depending on your requirements.

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