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Employee Spotlight Series Cont: Tim Bartlett

For over 20 years TechnoPro has strived to provide service excellence and product innovation that improve student services. Our success is largely due to the team members that have joined us along the way. Tim Bartlett is one of the many key players that have brought the company to a higher level of performance.

With 17 years of managing corporate finance and logistics business, Tim came to TPRO with unique business perspectives and experience. Tim holds the title of VP of finance. However, his role with the company is more wide- spread. He actively participates in marketing initiatives and helps with business development. He has led TPro in times of uncertainty and continues daily to improve company performance on all levels.

Tim is an active member in the community. He coaches both of his son’s rep baseball teams. He is in constant pursuit of knowledge. He is often taking courses, certificates, and involved various in academic pursuits. In his spare time (which one would guess is minimal), he is an avid golfer.

Tim helps make TPro run smooth and provides insight into a bright future. We are grateful for the addition to the team.

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