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The People Behind ClockWork; Employee Spotlight : George Melendy

What does an experienced Education Management Software Consultant look like? Look no further than George Melendy. If you have been in the post-secondary education Student Services sector, then you must have had the pleasure of meeting George at an industry conference as he is an avid participant to events such as CAPED and AHEAD. George brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the TechnoPro team and has helped grow the business immensely between his time with Microcomputer Science Centre Inc and TechnoPro Computer Solutions, which he joined in 2018. George has a poetic way of explaining and showcasing our software. His passion for this industry and for what he does shows in his communication with existing and potential clients. He has developed long- standing relationships among Student Services professionals. He is also an avid contributor to our marketing team. He brings exciting and relevant details to the forefront of our campaigns. When George is not busy closing sales and presenting webinars to prospective clients he enjoys reading, travel, Florida, Motorhoming. George has a great sense of humour around the office and is always the first person to say Good Morning on the Team’s internal chat group. We all look forward to those morning motivational messages . Keep them coming :)

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